Mostly Lovin’: The Thug Kitchen Cookbook

"Totally F**king Brilliant!"

“Totally F**king Brilliant!”

In my present frame of mind this cookbook is right up my avenue so to speak. I know I should eat well but sometimes, just sometimes I really don’t want to start chopping vegetables and ar*ing around with sweet potatoes after a hard days musings… Try to imagine if you will a very angry gentlemen from lets say New Jersey attempting to tell you how to serve grilled eggplant (OK aubergine) with Soba noodles after you’ve just trashed his football team and informed him that his mother resembles a swamp-donkey. Still confused, OK the opening blurb reads, “We are here to inspire mother-f****rs to eat some God-damn vegetables… Capisce?! x

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Maca Root: The Source of Hormonal Balance

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So as you can see I am continuing to invest in my health and believe me it had better be an investment when you consider the weighty cost of these supplements! I have heard many a good thing about Maca Root Powder not least that it contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential amino acids. Maca root is rich in B-vitamins, which are the energy vitamins, and maca is a vegetarian source of B-12. To boot, maca has high levels of magnesium and is great for helping to re-balance hormones so if you turn into a swamp-beast once a month this is the supplement for you. Sprinkled over porridge daily, what could be simpler. Comme d’habitude I will check back in a few weeks to let you know how I am getting on. I have also read a lot about Coconut Palm Sugar or Nectar. It’s low GI and has a wonderful (but most importantly) all natural butterscotch flavour which is perfect in baked goods and coffee. I don’t really use refined sugar so this will be a great alternative to the of-so-toxic artificial sweetener. x

My Diet Overhall: One Month Trial

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Seeds Anyone?

I have something of a confession to make… I have been increasingly interested in adopting a macrobiotic diet. Hell yes, I know c’est ridicule n’est-il pas? It’s exactly the ridiculousness of it all which makes me want to take on this challenge. In my early twenties I was a happy resigned vegan for many a year so how much of a leap could this be? (A big one you say…hmm let me think).
In my attempts to get fit last year, I realised that eating well consists largely of thinking and planning ahead thus avoiding any (or potato based) temptation. This requires not only a well proportioned refrigerator but a sizable bank balance to match but my friends…it can be done.
I have a friend who has tasked herself with solely eating a raw food diet. As a direct result, she has the type of complexion normally bestowed upon a small child’s bottom, that is to say, flawless and decidedly peachy. The downside of such a clean diet is that a large portion of her day is taken up with thinking about, planning and assembling her next meal as very few restaurants in London cater to the “raw food brigade”. Many a lunch has been spent watching the rest of us chow down whilst she sips serenely on a green tea (so noble!). I feel the macrobiotic diet offers a happy medium as one can indulge in pulses, whole grains, cereals, and cooked vegetables. This I can do but more importantly I don’t think I would feel particularly under-nourished. Alors, I have elected to follow a macrobiotic diet during the week whilst allowing myself treats at the weekend. Frankly, life is far too short for a diet consisting largely of abstinence…

Sun Chlorella & Other Good Things…


As you may remember, I have been trying to make certain changes to my sartorial approach this year. I decided recently that to be truly comfortable (both inside and out), such sweeping changes should also include a healthier lifestyle. The first step in said lifestyle overhaul is to increase my intake of “super foods”. I mean why settle for health foods when you can have uber foods? So this weekend I skipped along to my local health store and got me some Sun Chlorella, hardcore Vit’ C and some other goodies. I am undertaking a skin spring clean…one pill at a time.


Sun Chlorella is credited with having contributed to the celestial glow currently sported by models such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr. Chlorella is a completely natural algae which is found in fresh water. It possesses an abundance of amino acids, nutrients and protein: twice as much protein than spinach!
I have started with the recommended 5 tablets a day and will build up to the standard 15 budget allowing, in due course. In two months I fully expect my complexion to be a source of evangelical pilgrimage! So, check back soon and I will reveal all…so to speak. Bisous.


Weekend Quick Eats: Pork Chop & Spiced Broad Bean Mash

This is such a simple yet tasty and healthy supper. This also makes for a great lunch as it will keep you going all day. Firstly, season and grill or griddle a medium sized pork chop. Whilst that’s doing it’s thing, blanch some fresh broad beans for 2 -3 minutes then plunge into ice water. Remove the vexatious skins and crush into a mash adding half a minced clove of garlic, chilli flakes, fresh lemon juice, good extra virgin olive oil (or Rapseed), salt and pepper to taste. Some people like to add cream cheese but I don’t believe it is necessary. Lastly mix through some fresh mint. Et là vous l’avez!

Sneaky Turkey Burger

Alors, as I am sure you remember I am currently dragging my somewhat lethargic self through the depths of a “get-fit-trip”. This “trip” involves cycling 20 kilometres a day together with pilates and 20 minutes heart fat-busting workout. In short, I wake up, I exercise, sniff some lettuce at dinner time and then I go to bed. However, one of my post workout treats is a homemade turkey burger.  Much like the “stunt mojito” it’s not quite the full monty but a degree of the sum of it’s parts…
I begin with copious amounts of salad, (a highly necessary decoy to help lend the appearance bountiful abundance), I then mould my pattie (be careful not to allow your hunger to dictate the size of your burger… “you’re only cheating yourself” as various smug truth tellers have whined over the years), then grill, adding pickle, light mayo and mustard once cooked. Of course the astute amongst you will notice the distinct lack of “bun action”. This is no accident but a calculated measure on my part to lessen the calorific load but the truth of the matter is it doesn’t really matter how many salad leaves you throw at a meat pattie, a burger is not a burger until it has an accompanying bun. Truth! xx