My Diet Overhall: One Month Trial

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Seeds Anyone?

I have something of a confession to make… I have been increasingly interested in adopting a macrobiotic diet. Hell yes, I know c’est ridicule n’est-il pas? It’s exactly the ridiculousness of it all which makes me want to take on this challenge. In my early twenties I was a happy resigned vegan for many a year so how much of a leap could this be? (A big one you say…hmm let me think).
In my attempts to get fit last year, I realised that eating well consists largely of thinking and planning ahead thus avoiding any (or potato based) temptation. This requires not only a well proportioned refrigerator but a sizable bank balance to match but my friends…it can be done.
I have a friend who has tasked herself with solely eating a raw food diet. As a direct result, she has the type of complexion normally bestowed upon a small child’s bottom, that is to say, flawless and decidedly peachy. The downside of such a clean diet is that a large portion of her day is taken up with thinking about, planning and assembling her next meal as very few restaurants in London cater to the “raw food brigade”. Many a lunch has been spent watching the rest of us chow down whilst she sips serenely on a green tea (so noble!). I feel the macrobiotic diet offers a happy medium as one can indulge in pulses, whole grains, cereals, and cooked vegetables. This I can do but more importantly I don’t think I would feel particularly under-nourished. Alors, I have elected to follow a macrobiotic diet during the week whilst allowing myself treats at the weekend. Frankly, life is far too short for a diet consisting largely of abstinence…


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