A Gut Feeling: ION Gut Supplement

The Only Cocktail You Need

I have a confession to make. For quite some time I have both neglected and abused my gut opting for the odd quick fix with only a cursory thought of probiotics and the like. Invariably, overlooking gut health catches up with you and your complexion! A well-maintained gut is the foundation of overall good health. Foolishly, I have ignored the body’s instinctive drive to maintain and repair at a cellular level but, no more mes amies!

The brainchild of Dr. Zach Bush, ION* Gut + Microbiome aims to support the body’s microbiome by “going beyond probiotics to empower your gut microbiome’s natural ability to defend against environmental toxins and drive health”. Our wonderful bodies possess an innate drive to heal and thrive and as such, the function of ION is to support not supplement.

A single shot taken before meals and you’re good to go. I have it on good authority that the Goddess of all things healthful – Elle Macpherson positively bathes in the stuff and if it’s good enough for Elle…


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I’ve heard about this stuff. It’s very pricey but I always say you cannot put a price on good health!

Je pense que dans n’importe quel grand magasin ou en fait probablement plus facile de commander directement auprès d’ION en ligne. J’espère que cela pourra aider!

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