Weekend Quick Eats: Pork Chop & Spiced Broad Bean Mash

This is such a simple yet tasty and healthy supper. This also makes for a great lunch as it will keep you going all day. Firstly, season and grill or griddle a medium sized pork chop. Whilst that’s doing it’s thing, blanch some fresh broad beans for 2 -3 minutes then plunge into ice water. Remove the vexatious skins and crush into a mash adding half a minced clove of garlic, chilli flakes, fresh lemon juice, good extra virgin olive oil (or Rapseed), salt and pepper to taste. Some people like to add cream cheese but I don’t believe it is necessary. Lastly mix through some fresh mint. Et lĂ  vous l’avez!


  1. Lauren Cole says

    Mash made from pulses is such a nice summer alternative to the old spud…don’t get me wrong I love a good spud but bit much on a hot summers days.

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