Mostly Lovin’: Alighieri Jewellery

Odyssey Necklace

Alighieri is a collection of jewellery borne of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”. Each magical piece relates to one of the poet’s 100 poems. Designed by London-based Rosh Mahtani, each piece is cast in 24ct gold-plated bronze. One can imagine unearthing each gem on the shores of some distant ancient land, lending to the illusion of found treasures.

The collection is the type of jewellery one simply has to touch, and I for one would like to get my hands on each and every enchanting piece!

II Leone Rings

The Bea Necklace

Images courtesy of Alighieri

Mostly Lovin’: Rachel Jackson Initial Ring

A Ring for V

This Art-Deco inspired initial ring by Lancashire born designer Rachel Jackson is personal enough to make an impression but priced at just the right side of forty pound, quel bargain! Jackson’s designs are innovative without costing the earth which is incredibly refreshing in my humble opinion. Check it out before demand pushes up the prices I say. x

Mostly Lovin’: Lara Melchior Jewellery

Image Courtesy

Image Courtesy

LARA MELCHIOR2241-filtered

Every now and then jewellery designer comes along that really peeks my interest. As you know, I developed a love of jewellery rather late in the day but the type of adornment that peeks my interest tends to have that “I made this myself” feel. Lara Melchior is just such a designer. Original, instantly covet-able with a lovingly hand-made feel, Melchior’s designs are simply one of a kind. Melchior has been super-altruistic and designed an affordable line for super-fashion-forward Scandinavian brand Look into it mes amis! Bisous.


Mostly Lovin’: Pascale Monvoisin Jewellery

 Pascale Monvoisin, sale Isabel Marant

Image courtesy of Pascale Monvoisin

I am currently very much in love with these petits tactile beauties from Pascale Monvoisin’s current collection. The price point is very affordable too. Sadly, I can only wear precious metals so can only admire many of the more striking pieces. Alors, for now I’ll settle for a few of these wonderful silk-mix bracelets.

The Palm Cuff…Discuss

Daisy Knights Sale, Hand Bracelet, Palm Cuff

Image Courtesy Daisy

As you know I love a good piece of wrist adornment be it bangle or bracelet but lately I have become aware of something new gilding the hand-to-wrist area. Yes mes amis, I am of course referring to the “hand bracelet” or “Palm Cuff” depending upon which hipster you ask. I have to say, I cannot help but feel I would find this new creation to be something of an irritation, whilst being unable to shake the feeling that an unfortunate bracelet had somehow slipped from my wrist and was making it’s way down my hand in a bid for freedom. What do you think? Is this a piece you will be investing in?

Mostly Lovin’: Aurélie Bidermann Fine Jewellery

Big Apple Keeper Earring

Big Apple Keeper Earring

After much wishful thinking the fabulous Ms Bidermann has finally put together a collection of fine pieces. They are the type of pieces the eye is at once drawn to. Rose gold, sweetie coloured gems make it near impossible not to want to own one of these deliciously different trinkets. I for one have my eye on the “Big Apple Keeper Earring”. Can you say “Christmas gift anyone”?

New: Jade Jagger Chrysoprase Skull Gold-Plated Coin Charm


You know I love a friendship bracelet and yet I find I am very particular when it comes to buying them.  Jade Jagger’s brings  neon-pink bracelet with a green chrysoprase skull and a vermeil coin charm ticks all the boxes for me.

Mostly Lovin’ This Week

Net a Porter, Matches Fashion

These shoes by Charlottle Olympia were not made to be worn but merely admired…À mon avis je dis.

Ceahp Diamonds, Alexander Fuchs

I for one am super intrigued by the concept of “skin diamonds” as designed by Alexander Fuchs. For those of us who may struggle with the frequently ostentatious and somewhat ceremonial nature with regards to the presentation of diamonds, Fuchs designs are innovative and really quite other-worldly. Fuchs’ philosophy is to “enhance diamonds by a total disappearance of the frame: that is to say, a diamond and nothing else”. To be honest, what more could a girl need?

Kabiri, Net a Porter

J’adore these brightly coloured beauties by Tai. The only problem is which ones to pick… Qu’est-ce une vie difficile que je mène.

Kabiri, Net a porter, Matches Fashion, Links of London

Fill with your own thoughts and rêveries, so Margiela…so me!

net a porter

Little else to say except… I have an approaching birthday…Ahem!

I both love and look forward to “big coat season”! Rouler sur l’automne.

Net a Porter

I love the simple bright timeless appeal of this Mulberry case…even if I don’t own an iPhone.

Mostly Lovin’: Jacquie Aiche Jewellery

Snakes On My Radar!

I have realised that I may have developed something of une dépendance peu, but I would imagine that like all addictions, you don’t really see them coming? I have quite the collection of snake embellished jewellery and a very distinct hankering for further pieces. Brother and sister designer duo Zoe & Morgan seem to be catering quite well to my on-going fixation. See the rather gorgeous eternity bangle which I have had my eye on for nigh on a year but cannot decide between silver or gold…who said the life of a Blogger was easy? X