Dinner in Minerve

Le Relais Chantovent’s Beef Tataki

Cassoulet in Castelnaudary

Note the crust!


Breakfast in Béziers

2017: Et Maintenant?


I have never really been one to merrily usher in the New Year without a deep and somewhat routine sense of trepidation. Let’s be clear, me and New Years simply do not mix. To my mind it is so often a case of no sooner has one got to grips with the year at hand only to find oneself standing on the precipice of the as yet unknown.

You may have noticed, I am not a fan of change in general (unless of course it is of the shoe / handbag variety), but the New Year makes way for extra pressure that is, to be seen to be changing things up. So, as I sit a mere four days into the New year whilst considering the somewhat rude intrusion of my “post-turkey” belly I have decided the following:

1. I will learn to remain on master riding my road bike by the onset of summer…2017.

2. I will not only strive to gain a higher level of physical fitness but I will achieve the best possible shape of my life! I must admit, this particular goal was influenced in no small part by Teyana Taylor’s unbelievable post-baby body as below.

But is She Really Happy?!

But is she really happy?!

3. I will do my best to meditate daily at least once a day.

4. Make more of an effort with regard to personal appearance i.e. comfort over style is not always the way to go…

5. In my formative years I led a predominantly vegan lifestyle. I would like to return to eating vegetarian meals at least five days a week. This will require a lot of forward planning on my part so I shall be enlisting the help of former model and founder of Organice Your Life Lonneke Engel. A certified Health Counselor (a Dutch nutritional qualification), Engel is a real inspiration for those looking to maintain a healthy conscious lifestyle.

When I need a bit of inspiration to spur me on and away from the kitchen cupboards I have a quick look at the Organice Your Life instagram which is great for reminding me that my choices are not merely a faze but how I choose to live. Watch this space…

Bonne année à tous. x

Mostly Missing: Minerve


Relais Chantovent[caption id=

Minerve perched high above the Rivers La Cesse and Le Briant is a gem of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. With few vehicles and pedestrian streets it is a place I could happily return to year after year.



A lazy lunch at the spectacular Relais Chantovent is a must. Being in receipt of the new L’assiette du Michelin or Michelin Plate – a smaller accolade than the notorious Michelin Star but no less respected, the food is simply real french cuisine at its best.

The Relais Chantovent


Weekend in the Country #2

The Billesley Manor Hotel

The Billesley Manor Hotel




Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

Country Retreat

Country Retreat

This weekend I had what can only be described as the most relaxing, low key yet rejuvenating weekend in Oxfordshire. En route to a little known former country pile nestled just outside Oxford, we headed off for two days of R&R with only the stunning surrounding countryside, a spa and mini-gym (which we religiously peered into each morning and then carried on about the business of relaxation…piff!) for company.
Much of my time was spent eating, planning what I intended to eat later, or thinking about what I should wear…well to eat dinner that evening. As much as I would love to tell you where we stayed I have been sworn to secrecy as apparently it is something of a local well-known secret. Suffice to say, you wouldn’t have to look to hard should you find yourself in Abingdon one day but I’ve already said too much! x



Review Milton Hill House

View from my Room

View from my Room

View from the Bar

View from the Bar

Mostly Lovin’: A View!

DSC_0129 (2)

Caribbean Sunset...Ahh

Caribbean Sunset…Ahh

Day at Devils Dyke

Devils Dyke Valley

Devils Dyke Valley