A Gut Feeling: ION Gut Supplement

The Only Cocktail You Need

I have a confession to make. For quite some time I have both neglected and abused my gut opting for the odd quick fix with only a cursory thought of probiotics and the like. Invariably, overlooking gut health catches up with you and your complexion! A well-maintained gut is the foundation of overall good health. Foolishly, I have ignored the body’s instinctive drive to maintain and repair at a cellular level but, no more mes amies!

The brainchild of Dr. Zach Bush, ION* Gut + Microbiome aims to support the body’s microbiome by “going beyond probiotics to empower your gut microbiome’s natural ability to defend against environmental toxins and drive health”. Our wonderful bodies possess an innate drive to heal and thrive and as such, the function of ION is to support not supplement.

A single shot taken before meals and you’re good to go. I have it on good authority that the Goddess of all things healthful – Elle Macpherson positively bathes in the stuff and if it’s good enough for Elle…

V Vardis Oral Care

Soft & Bright…

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Swiss oral care brand V Vardis. Their range claims not only to whiten teeth but also protects them with their patented new WX Formula. This is great news for those of us with more than a fleeting obsession with pearly whites…and we know who we are! Bisous

Skincare Update

Before & After…

When actress Keke Palmer candidly revealed her struggles with acne as a result of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I couldn’t help but empathise. One of the joys of being a woman is the propensity for hormone-induced acne which can errupt at any age and quite often just when you thought those awkward years were well and truly behind you…well think again!

The Daily A-Z

Last summer my skin began to misbehave after years of normalcy I began breaking out solely on the left side of my face thus resembling a walking, talking before and after frame. I’m still uncertain as to whether this was a blessing or a curse. It is fair to say that I have been quietly grateful for the mandatory wearing of face masks!

After grudging overhauling my diet, kissing goodbye to my beloved cheese (mostly) and adding copious supplements, tinctures and tonics my skin has at last begun to calm and even out. Here is a list of the transformative products which have finally begun to work for me.

It is not lost on me that the above cocktail of lotions and potions could quite possibly cause a small explosion but collectively they have returned my fractious complexion to a near-normal state. I would advise caution and the obligatory test patch if you have sensitive skin. Acne can be crushing for one’s confidence but hopefully, there is a little something here which just might work for you. Bisous.

Mostly Lovin’: Le Labo Santal 33

An Olfactory Dream

I was recently given a bottle of Le Labo’s renowned fragrance Santal 33. Inspired by the American West and the dream of “big sky country”, this is not a fragrance for the olfactory wallflower. With woody, spicy and leather accords, this long-wearing unisex scent transposes throughout the day to reveal base notes of cedarwood, amber and musk making for an extremely sensual sensory experience.

Those seeking a similar yet lighter santal fragrance might try Miller Harris Peau Santal which is equally beguiling yet softer overall.

Bonne année! Bisous.

Mostly Tryin’: High-Frequency Beauty

Image Courtesy of Mandy Madden.com

Stress is a funny and dare I say, a decidedly vexatious thing. There you are spinning all manner of plates et all and there we have the stress hormone cortisol – not so discreetly wreaking a biblical pimple-laden wasteland upon your face!

A problematic complexion is frequently difficult to treat especially when said problems appear for no discernable reason. It is difficult to know just what to do for the best, alors, I have decided to do nothing. That is to say, I am resisting the urge to reach for all manner of ointments, specialists cleansers and exfoliators in favour of a minimal approach. Clearly, I was not listening to my body and it has therefore taken a more visual approach shall we say to get my attention. Well, attention is truly got!

Quite by chance, the other day whilst searching for Panda videos conducting online research, I happened upon a video of the incandescent beauty and holistic beauty enthusiast Mandy Madden. Madden possesses the type of other-worldly complexion most of us mere mortals can but dream of. Madden allows a peek into her skincare routine and her must-have beauty treatments and devices. Quite frankly, such is Ms Madden’s complexion that had she championed daubing one’s face with two-week-old bird droppings I would have given it serious consideration!

One of Madden’s go-to gadgets is a high-frequency beauty device. Reasonably priced and very simple to use, high-frequency beauty has made the successful transition from the salon to the home. I suspect that I may be the advertising man’s dream as no sooner had I watched a demo video, I had purchased a Project E Beauty’s High-Frequency device.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_20200901_15431482-1024x610.jpg
Project E Beauty Wand

According to Project E Beauty, high-frequency beauty can, “aid with blood circulation, collagen and cell production to improve and reduce age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and acne”.

Hmmm, Looks Familiar…

I’ve been using the device for a week or so and I must say, there is something supremely satisfying in zapping one’s zits and sending them on their sebaceous way. There is a definite reduction in pimple size and I have not had the dubious pleasure of welcoming any new eruptions to the party. It’s far too early to attribute any positive results to the device but I will continue with the treatment and report back. Watch this space… Bisous

Mostly Tryin’: Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence

Anyone for Snail Drool?

Recently I find myself plumbing ever more bazaar depths in my quest for a facial moisturizer which will both enhance the overall appearance of my skin whilst ensuring I never look a day over twenty-five! I have heard much chatter about Corsx Snail Mucin Essence so I decided it was high time I got my hands on some of this highly-lauded goop.

My reasoning is simple. I am rather partial to a snail, particularly when sauteed in a Persillade of garlic butter and herbs, alors, if I can merrily chomp on them, dabbing their mucous secretions of my face should be a walk in the park…or at least that was my reasoning.

I’ve been using the essence for a week now and I must say, there is definite plumpness to my skin and something of a dewy glow. With zero perfume and the consistency of well…slime, my skin seems decidedly hydrated. So, it seems I may finally have found a use for the little blighters currently dining out in my vegetable patch! Just kidding… X

Mostly Tryin’: Holistic Skincare

I am guessing I’m not alone in emerging from the strange sanctuary of lockdown resembling something of a bleary-eyed troglodyte, but I think I may have found a remedy to our skincare woes.

I had heard much chatter as to the restorative properties of Osmosis Frequency Enhanced Water, “a revolutionary technology which provides frequencies to the cells to recalibrate and balance disruptions caused by environmental toxins”, sounds impressive n’est pas?! A few drops on the tongue helps to clear blemishes and harmonise inflammation.

Despite my fickle eye for a beauty bargain, I always return to Caudalie and their much-lauded Vinexpert dietary supplement. High in grape-derived anti-oxidant action, there is a reason this supplement has been daubed the “French Paradox in a capsule”! Lastly, but certainly not least, The Organic Pharmacy Beauty Drops are a hard-working dual-purpose supplement helping to energise both skin and body. A few drops of this magic little elixir can be added to your favourite serum for extra hydration and an immunity hit which may just come in handy in these perilous times…

Mostly Tryin’: ARgENTUM Skincare


Rather excited to receive the ARgENTUM Infinie Body Lotion. Housed in a sleek black label-free glass bottle, this is skincare so good it requires no product description! Formulated with super hydrating silver hydro-salt and DNA HP technology, the science behind this brand is really quite staggering given the ingredients are sourced from 99.5% natural origins. I shall be decidedly disappointed if I do not have the skin of a plumptious newborn in the immediate future! x

What’s Not to Love

Mostly Lovin’: Laneige Lip Mask

If you are anything like me, the recent cold blast has left your lips closely resembling grade three sandpaper, alors, I have a plan! South Korean brand Laneige has come up with a clever little solution to our chapped woes. Their fruit flavoured sleeping masks are light enough to sleep in yet leave lips soft and hydrated by the break of dawn. Now that’s what I call low maintenance beauty! x

Mostly Lovin’: Jurlique…Again!

Olfactory Bliss

Sometimes you find a beauty range that you truly adore. It meets all of your fickle needs – scent, texture, organic, price-point and yet you find your head turned and before you know it, it has been years since you and your true beauty love were last in contact… 

I was so in love with the Jurlique range in my twenties. Produced in Australia, (so suitably difficult to obtain), the most amazing natural scents, bio-dynamic – namely each plant is harvested by hand – at the moment of its peak, and quite frankly to-die-for! And yet, somehow, my head was turned and I found myself toying with other brands.

Alors, I have made my flirtatious way back to Jurlique by way of the Rosewater Hydrating Botanical Mist. Back in the day, I would frequently douse myself spritz this wonderful mist on my face throughout the day or when flying long haul. It instantly “hydrates, softens and soothes, boosts radiance and refreshes the skin”. One’s visage is encased in a hydrating floral veil which quite frankly smells like the truest rose you ever did smell! 

I simply cannot get enough of this mist and rest assured, I have found my way back into the Jurlique fold and will not stray again…