Maca Root: The Source of Hormonal Balance

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So as you can see I am continuing to invest in my health and believe me it had better be an investment when you consider the weighty cost of these supplements! I have heard many a good thing about Maca Root Powder not least that it contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential amino acids. Maca root is rich in B-vitamins, which are the energy vitamins, and maca is a vegetarian source of B-12. To boot, maca has high levels of magnesium and is great for helping to re-balance hormones so if you turn into a swamp-beast once a month this is the supplement for you. Sprinkled over porridge daily, what could be simpler. Comme d’habitude I will check back in a few weeks to let you know how I am getting on. I have also read a lot about Coconut Palm Sugar or Nectar. It’s low GI and has a wonderful (but most importantly) all natural butterscotch flavour which is perfect in baked goods and coffee. I don’t really use refined sugar so this will be a great alternative to the of-so-toxic artificial sweetener. x


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I’ve heard a lot about coconut nectar. I have tried it in smoothies and they tasted great. What does it taste like on it’s own?

Hi Tabita, to be honest with the brand I have – Biona, the taste is quite mild. It reminds me of caramel. It is certainly a pleasant taste and is great with cereal, oats etc. Hope that is helpful. Bisous.

Great post! I’m really trying to overhaul my diet too so this really helps. This stuff is pricey though…

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