Sneaky Turkey Burger

Alors, as I am sure you remember I am currently dragging my somewhat lethargic self through the depths of a “get-fit-trip”. This “trip” involves cycling 20 kilometres a day together with pilates and 20 minutes heart fat-busting workout. In short, I wake up, I exercise, sniff some lettuce at dinner time and then I go to bed. However, one of my post workout treats is a homemade turkey burger.  Much like the “stunt mojito” it’s not quite the full monty but a degree of the sum of it’s parts…
I begin with copious amounts of salad, (a highly necessary decoy to help lend the appearance bountiful abundance), I then mould my pattie (be careful not to allow your hunger to dictate the size of your burger… “you’re only cheating yourself” as various smug truth tellers have whined over the years), then grill, adding pickle, light mayo and mustard once cooked. Of course the astute amongst you will notice the distinct lack of “bun action”. This is no accident but a calculated measure on my part to lessen the calorific load but the truth of the matter is it doesn’t really matter how many salad leaves you throw at a meat pattie, a burger is not a burger until it has an accompanying bun. Truth! xx


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