“Faster, Higher, Stronger”

Net a Porter

I for one am loving the current trend for “active-wear” we have seen strewn across various catwalks. I am very much in favour of any trend which merely requires the pulling up of some elasticated pants. I have always rather fancied the idea of having a body so fabulous that you can happily parade your wares in a casual pair of track pants or some nice butt-enhancing running leggings. As you know, my get fit quick drive is entering its final phase (as I can no longer continue with the indignity of counting out my almonds each morning!), but I am not quite at the leggings and tank top stage just yet…
Lucas Hugh’s futuristic designs offer fantastic inspiration to make the grade and get trim. I for one believe he was robbed and should certainly have been chosen over Ms McCartney to design for Team GB…that’s all I’m sayin’… X

net a porter, team gb

Stell McCartney, Net a Porter


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