Christening My Le Creuset

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Breakfast this morning; lovely yet super healthy Quinoa Flour and Banana pancakes. Real quick and easy, mix two bananas with two eggs and a table spoon of quinoa flour and fry. Consume a la mode or smother in low sugar syrup. No oil required should you happen to own a Le Creuset… a-hem. I have long dreamt of owning a fully-functional kitchen and my new baby pan represents the first of many steps. I handle my love pan with the kind of gentle reverence one should probably only reserve for very small children and dogs. C’est très triste, je sais X


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Hey Irina, Well now, certainly, Quinoa Flour has a quite distinct taste – some people describe it as being somewhat “grassy”but I would say it has a definite “raw food” taste. Rather like sprouting pulses, you need to combine it with equally strong flavours. x

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