Signature Scent V’s Tarte aux Parfums

I have always liked the idea of having a signature scent but somehow I could never commit. A delicate bloom that lingers in a room long after I have left. A gentle reminder that I was once here or there…
I have spent a long time enraptured with perfume and the very subjective tales it can conjure it one’s mind. I guess I am not alone in this revere as the marketing of perfume and the creation of a desirable alter-life seems limitless. When I was in the fourth grade I remember swapping my favourite strawberry scented eraser for a tube of solid Honeysuckle perfume… I was hooked.
In the nineties I fell for Thiery Mugler’s Angel, I cherished the fact that it was only stocked in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Traveling home with my delicately wrapped package, I felt as though I had secured an incredibly rare prize. Sadly, this was not to last as Angel was then stocked in high streets up and down the country. It has become ubiquitous, the very rare chocolate base notes which made it so sublimely different is now the very reason you can clock it on the supermarket cashier from twenty paces! So, Alas Angel and I have parted ways, except for the odd quick spritz before bed, (what can I say, I adore that scent!).

In more recent years my loves have included, First by Van Cleef, Dune by Dior, (now more common than Ugg boots!!), Ralph Lauren Safari, CKOne and many, many more.
Guerlain’s Mitsouko has remained a firm friend throughout the years, a subtle powdery musk. In more recent years I have opted for niche scents. Niche is generally another term for foolishly expensive thus worn by very few… For example, Sisley’s Eau de Soir £72 for 30 ml, however, a beautiful and enduring fragrance. Antonia’s Flowers Tiempe Passate is possibly my favourite scent of all time but at £128 for 50 ml it sure isn’t cheap! Potential suitors take note…

Perhaps one day upon reaching a certain level in my ‘career’ I will opt for a bespoke perfume at Floris London or Jo Malone, but until such time I am quite happy to mix and match to create le parfum parfait de V!


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