RIP: Our David Bowie


Today I awoke to some truly devastating news. Our childhood hero, hell my hero David Bowie has passed away. When I was a very small child in the 70’s I thought that just like Jesus and Mary, everybody had heard about Mr Bowie. He was simply everywhere. My father had his records which is quite a feat to pluck a cord with a strapping black man from South-America. As a young adult he simply fascinated me. How could one person hold so much creativity and innovation? I loved that in his later life he married the lovely Iman, (there was hope for me should things go South).

He was a local boy you know, I would pass his school on my way to college each week and I loved that fact. Each time I passed by the depressing facade it reminded me that anything is possible. My childhood friend and I would often pass the time in art class by singing a duet of Space Oddity, much to the bemusement of our fellow classmates. Like Michael Jackson, Abba, David Bowie was a part of my family history his songs interwoven into the threads of our years together. Isn’t it just like our Bowie to take on another incarnation just when we have gotten used to having him around! RIP our darling Starman. xx


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‘Devastating’ is the word. Everyone has their own ‘Bowie’ so we all lost a part of ourselves — that was unique to him.

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