Wanted: Converse Jack Purcell

Margaret-Howell for Converse Jack Purcell

I have been casting a beady eye of late in search of a new yet classic pair of sports shoes. I do love my Converse All Star however I feel I need something a little less ubiquitous. Enter stage left the Converse Jack Purcell. They are truly a thing of beauty. With all the classic points of its All Star brethren, The Jack Purcell is somehow refreshing yet strangely familiar. Named after the Canadian world champion badminton player they have been around for a while but I never knew quite what to call them. There is a definite vintage feel to them which I love! I am inclined to go for the cream as I find there is nothing worse than a glowingly white pair of sneakers. What colour would you go for?

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These are nice. I was thinking of getting some Superga but I might stick with Converse!

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