L’hiver parfait tricot / The Perfect Winter Knit

I adore cardigans. It may be a product of advancing years but I find there is something incredibly uncomplicated and practical about them. Don’t get me wrong, there was a point last year when I felt that were I to lay eyes on another waterfall cardigan I would have no choice but to mount a campaign of passive terror against all stockist! However, cut to autumn 2011 and my quest has begun in earnest to acquire the perfect winter knit. The throw on cardi must tick several sartorial boxes in order to acquire wardrobe staple status. Namely, to transform a drab autumnal outfit into the perfect trans-seasonal wardrobe.  Keep out winter winds; conceal post lunch bloating; conceal any possible lack of clean laundry beneath; lastly,  any “hood action” would be a bonus. I have narrowed it down to a small yet continually growing selection. As always, your thoughts please…

Ports 1961

Helmut Lang

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lovely cardis’, pityyou cna’t get stuff like this for men.

p.s Whatever happened to Helmut Lang??

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