Ma Mère Pot de Piments Confits / My Mother’s Pot of Pickled Peppers

The Good Food Guide 2012

Nous avons donc ici ma mère pot de piments marinés – pickled chillies. This is a very simple process and keeps well for months in the fridge. I have used Birds Eye chillies but you can use chillies of your choice – Scotch Bonnet par exemple. Pour commencer, slice a whole bulb of garlic finely and place in the jar with the chillies – remove the top or stalk of each chillie and cover with sea salt and place in an air tight jar in the fridge until the fluid from the chillies begins to seep to the bottom of the jar. This will create the amazing flavour along with the garlic. If you are worried about the salt intake you can remove some of this liquid. This process will take about a week, you can then fill the jar with vinegar making sure to cover the chillies. I have used distilled white malt vinegar but you can use a vinegar of your choice. Leave for two weeks to ferment and then dive in! I like to use liberally in curries, Mexican chipotle adobo, chutneys, salsa, the possibilities are endless. x

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