Mostly Lovin’: Tess Ward’s Flax & Pumpkin Carb-free Bread

This morning I tried out Tess Ward’s Flax-seed and Pumpkin Bread and I have to say it was something of a revelation. Toasted straight from the oven yes I am a piggy and did not wait for it to cool down and smothered in my favourite demi-sel butter, it was simply delicious and extremely more-rish. It was refreshing to be able to eat a slice of bread the size of my head good sized and not have that familiar rising feeling that “tomorrow I will eat less bread”. Great for Diabetics, this truly is a win win recipe. As someone who has inadvertently spent a lifetime counting calories, I applaud Tess’ approach to food and healthy eating,

“Count your colours not calories and measure goodness not grams”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. P.S I substituted the pumpkin seed for sesame seeds largely due to the fact that I forgot to purchase pumpkin seeds… x


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