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Aren’t I Good?

Firstly I must apologise for the radio silence of late. I am working on a few projects which demand much of my time (more on that to come soon). Recently, it occurred to me how so often within western culture taking care of one’s self entails self-denial, no to this, no to that. We know that life is trop court and frankly I refuse to penalise my body in such a way. Instead I have elected to bombard my body with the good things in life. I have always been lucky in the fact that I seem to get a perverse pleasure in cramming mon petit visage with all manner of vegetables so nowadays when I am peckish I snack on Soya (or Edamame should you find yourself in North London) Beans. Doused with a little soy sauce they are truly moreish.
As a “living food”, sprouting beans (the stem cells of the plant world) are a new favourite of mine. Smugly sprinkled over salads and wraps they are a great way to increase your five a day.
When I was growing up my mother would often baste me in coconut oil. Hair, skin, you name it so using coconut oil today feels like going home. The only difference is the exurbanite price of the stuff these days, but I guess that’s just what happens once the health/diet industries awaken to the benefits of something…quel dommage. x


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Oui je sais, mais vous avez un plus grand choix de produits bio et même s’il est cher, il n’est pas aussi cher que ici au Royaume-Uni …: o (

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