Anndra Neen Jewellery

Anndra Neen

Anndra Neen Jewellery has to be seen (and touched!) to be believed. If you are looking for a statement piece be it a cuff or pendant alors ne cherchez pas plus loin! It is without a doubt some of the most innovative pieces I have come across. I imagine it is the type of jewellery one would be constantly admiring from various angles and would be the subject of many a conversation. Established in April 2009 by sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens, Anndra Neen has a growing legion of well-heeled admirers.

Anndra Neen

Anndra Neen

Their grandmother, Annette Nancarrow, was a painter, sculptor and jewellery designer and collaborated with the Muralist Movement in Mexico. Anndra Neen has an impressive vintage to out do in their Grandmother as her pieces were collected by Frida Kahlo and Anaïs Nin, to name but a few but with personalities such as the First Lady and Drew Barrymore as fans they’re not doing too badly!

Anndra Neen

Anndra Neen

Anndra Neen

Anndra Neen

Anndra Neen


Homespun Friendship Bracelets

A little item I am currently working on is my handcrafted friendship bracelets. Those of you who know me will know I have something of an obsession with friendship bands and I am always on the look out for the next one. Having gotten somewhat impatient I decided to start crafting my own designs. Sometimes I will adapt a simple piece of string if I am particularly fond of the colours etc. Here we have a couple I created using beads from Beads on Fifth in Manhattan. I will be uploading  further pics so let me know what you think. Bisous.

Cameo Role

Amedeo Cameos, Matches Fashion

Personally, I have always harboured a bit of a soft spot for a Cameo. I admit, one has to tread carefully in this arena to avoid over-stepping vintage chic and mis-stepping into “old lady, Mrs Brady” territory but designers such as New York brand Amedeo NYC and Laura Lee Jewellery have some wonderful examples. What do you think, can the Cameo be cool? Let me know. x

Ruby Kobo I’m Loving…Yo!

ruby kobo. matches fashion, boutique 1

Ruby Kobo’s pieces are without a doubt right up my street (so to speak). The collaborative “offspring” of designers Yuvi Alpert and Danna Kobo, this is fine jewellery but with a decidedly relaxed feel and a dash of ancient mysticism thrown in for good measure. Think naturally shed antler tipped diamond necklaces or Tibetan masks (a little scary if I’m honest). There is something wonderfully refreshing and innovative about these pieces. For example, one could throw on three of the pieces with a combined value of just over five thousand pounds but the average Joe would simply see wonderfully stylish pieces and would probably ask you where you bought it as opposed to “your money or your life”!

ruby kobo

ruby kobo

YOUnique Jewellery: Red Hot Ambers


Last week a friend of mine asked me whether I would be interested in reviewing a jewellery line well established in Spain, Norway, Denmark, Poland, to name but a few and up and coming in the UK. As a blogger, one is always curious to discover the “next big thing”. I am happy to report YOUnique Jewellery may just be it! The Amber Fever Collection 2012 is inspired by amber’s natural beauty in its raw and purest form. The bespoke pieces are a wonderful juxtaposition of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Drawing from the natural beauty of Poland, designer Katarzyna Hernas uses cloudy, clear and brown amber interspersed with sterling silver and waxed string to create truly one of a kind pieces.
Baltic amber (succinite) is widely believed to hold enchanting powers in its native region and is both cherished and worn for its protective powers. With prices starting at £65, my personal favourite from the collection is the “Power of Amber” friendship bracelet for him, (below). It is the perfect mix of urban sophistication and luxe materials which in my opinion is always un beau mariage! x

Younique Necklace

Younique, Amber Fever Goddess Necklace

Younique-Jewellery, Goddess necklace

Redécouvert…Laura Lee Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

laura lee

This navel grazing necklace from Laura Lee Jewellery is far too elegant for one as clumsy as me… I once had a “nobody move moment” whilst at a bar in Greenwich Village when I inadvertently broke the chain whilst attempting to swat a overly curious wasp. Laura Lee were lovely enough to repair the necklace free of charge. I now only wear it when I can be certain of minimal hand movement (such as the theatre), and there is a minimal risk of running into our adventurous buzzing friends… X

laura lee, vintage jewellery

Jewellery Box: Lost & Found

Zoe & Morgan, Vintage

Daisy Knights

Jade Jagger, Jagger, Aurelie Bidermann

Alice Cicolini Fine Jewellery

Jewellery designer Alice Cicolini is in a league of her own. Inspired by the Silk Routes, the ornate pieces are handmade in India in the studio of one of the last Jaipuri Meenakari trained in the enamel traditions of Persia, handed down from generation to generations over 200 years. One thing that is evident upon examining Cicolini’s designs is the sheer level of craftsmanship. The designs are stunningly intricate, but with collections entitled with names such as; “Jodhpur”, “Temple” and “Chattri” is it any wonder?

The Outnet… 2012 Style Steals!

Anyone who has paddled in the sparkling waters of online clothes shopping will no doubt have encountered The The discounted designer shopping Mecca is a must for the cash-careful sartorially savvy happy to shop last seasons trends. As if 70% off were not tempting enough, The Outnet sale begins Tuesday 3rd of January, but be quick…just look at the bevvy of goodies I have found! x

Santa Baby…

For as long as I can remember I have had something of a love affair with the watch, (more on that later). To me, a watch is a functional piece of jewellery and if you are lucky enough, a vintage functional piece! Here we have the 1971 Omega 9ct Gold Seamaster (yes…this is James Bond’s watch!), and the 1964 Rolex Air King Oyster 5500. Coming in at just under three thousand pounds, I cannot help but think that to purchase one of these watches would be to invest in one’s self and ultimately one’s future….don’t you agree, and what better time to invest in oneself than at Christmas?! X