Cameo Role

Amedeo Cameos, Matches Fashion

Personally, I have always harboured a bit of a soft spot for a Cameo. I admit, one has to tread carefully in this arena to avoid over-stepping vintage chic and mis-stepping into “old lady, Mrs Brady” territory but designers such as New York brand Amedeo NYC and Laura Lee Jewellery have some wonderful examples. What do you think, can the Cameo be cool? Let me know. x


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I love these! My granny used to have serveral cameos but she always looked so chic, not old fashioned in any way. Keep the great posts a-comin’!

Ma mère portait toujours un camée quand elle sortait. Elle a maintenant donné à al moi et j’aime la façon dont ils s’habillent en place d’un costume et il est très spéciale!

I loooove Cameos! I love how modern these are. What a gorgeous twist on a classic! Where can we buy Amedeo?

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