Trouver Scosha

I had extreme difficulty choosing which Scosha pieces to show you. The fact of the matter is, I would very much like to own every single glorious piece by this designer. Designed by Australian artist and designer Scosha Woolridge, the collections draw from the designer’s global influences and travels. Fusing the old and new seamlessly to create a period of “les perdus et trouvés” (the lost and found). When I showed a friend of mine the pieces I was considering the first thing she said was “wow, they look so old, like something found on a archaeological dig”.

Ultimately, the goal is lived-in style. “It should feel as effortless as it looks; it’s that natural sensibility that is really attractive”… mission accomplie!

Bonbons Pour le Bonbon! Sweets for the Sweet!

Apparently Carolina Bucci grew up surrounded by jewellery and jewelers and it certainly shows. I first discovered these exquisitely delicate friendship bracelets of woven gold and silk threads a few years ago and promised myself I would own one. I have had a bit of ‘a thing’ for friendship bracelets since childhood. They were quite rare back in the day and there was an immeasurable satisfaction in acquiring a band no else had. They were and still are, to me, like little pieces of treasure. What I particularly love about Carolina’s pieces is their timeless nature and how they go beyond fleeting trends to create a piece which feels incredibly personal to the wearer.

There are three words which jewellery designer Loree Rodkin would use to describe her work; modern, medieval, and non-conformist. These three words would probably have seen her drowned as a witch a few years back! (But hey I digress). Loree’s pieces require very little introduction, their style is so strong and distinct you can tell a Rokin at twenty paces!

Rock On!


Whilst undertaking my daily perusal of online boutique I happened upon this beauty of a cocktail ring by Losselliani in the summer sale. Burnished silver with a double – headed snake coiled lazily around a Russian Amazonie stone, it speaks of all things rock chic. I had admired this ring for at least two weeks before finally deciding to buy it. It’s something of an unusual number and puts me in mind of a charm you might buy from a mysterious old lady who tells you of its untold powers or perhaps I watch too much Harry Potter non!  Alas, I digress, put simply it is one of those pieces that once you slip it on your finger you feel your stance and outfit have been uplifted.