YOUnique Jewellery: Red Hot Ambers


Last week a friend of mine asked me whether I would be interested in reviewing a jewellery line well established in Spain, Norway, Denmark, Poland, to name but a few and up and coming in the UK. As a blogger, one is always curious to discover the “next big thing”. I am happy to report YOUnique Jewellery may just be it! The Amber Fever Collection 2012 is inspired by amber’s natural beauty in its raw and purest form. The bespoke pieces are a wonderful juxtaposition of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Drawing from the natural beauty of Poland, designer Katarzyna Hernas uses cloudy, clear and brown amber interspersed with sterling silver and waxed string to create truly one of a kind pieces.
Baltic amber (succinite) is widely believed to hold enchanting powers in its native region and is both cherished and worn for its protective powers. With prices starting at £65, my personal favourite from the collection is the “Power of Amber” friendship bracelet for him, (below). It is the perfect mix of urban sophistication and luxe materials which in my opinion is always un beau mariage! x

Younique Necklace

Younique, Amber Fever Goddess Necklace

Younique-Jewellery, Goddess necklace


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