Mostly Tryin’: Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence

Anyone for Snail Drool?

Recently I find myself plumbing ever more bazaar depths in my quest for a facial moisturizer which will both enhance the overall appearance of my skin whilst ensuring I never look a day over twenty-five! I have heard much chatter about Corsx Snail Mucin Essence so I decided it was high time I got my hands on some of this highly-lauded goop.

My reasoning is simple. I am rather partial to a snail, particularly when sauteed in a Persillade of garlic butter and herbs, alors, if I can merrily chomp on them, dabbing their mucous secretions of my face should be a walk in the park…or at least that was my reasoning.

I’ve been using the essence for a week now and I must say, there is definite plumpness to my skin and something of a dewy glow. With zero perfume and the consistency of well…slime, my skin seems decidedly hydrated. So, it seems I may finally have found a use for the little blighters currently dining out in my vegetable patch! Just kidding… X


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