Mostly Lovin’: The Wellness Long-Game


Invariably, the dawning of a New Year brings to mind goals fulfilled and plans you forgot you had made discarded. So, after a protracted and decidedly tiresome period of sniffles, colds, coughs and the like, I found myself revisiting prior and dare I say, unfulfilled resolutions, namely to cherish my health.

With the advent of 2023, I have elected to take matters into my own feeble hands and invest in both body and mind. I am determined to suffuse my weary limbs with all manner of primal goodness be it by way of supplements or good ol’ fashioned nourishment.

I have heard much chatter about Artah and its founder Rhian Stephensen, a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath. With a passion for all things wellness, Stephenson has cornered and redefined the health supplements market with individually tailored programs to support you on your health and fitness journey. Stephenson champions the long game, specifically, that achieving true optimum health takes time, a philosophy I can embrace. Let the journey begin! Bisous.





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