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Stress is a funny and dare I say, a decidedly vexatious thing. There you are spinning all manner of plates et all and there we have the stress hormone cortisol – not so discreetly wreaking a biblical pimple-laden wasteland upon your face!

A problematic complexion is frequently difficult to treat especially when said problems appear for no discernable reason. It is difficult to know just what to do for the best, alors, I have decided to do nothing. That is to say, I am resisting the urge to reach for all manner of ointments, specialists cleansers and exfoliators in favour of a minimal approach. Clearly, I was not listening to my body and it has therefore taken a more visual approach shall we say to get my attention. Well, attention is truly got!

Quite by chance, the other day whilst searching for Panda videos conducting online research, I happened upon a video of the incandescent beauty and holistic beauty enthusiast Mandy Madden. Madden possesses the type of other-worldly complexion most of us mere mortals can but dream of. Madden allows a peek into her skincare routine and her must-have beauty treatments and devices. Quite frankly, such is Ms Madden’s complexion that had she championed daubing one’s face with two-week-old bird droppings I would have given it serious consideration!

One of Madden’s go-to gadgets is a high-frequency beauty device. Reasonably priced and very simple to use, high-frequency beauty has made the successful transition from the salon to the home. I suspect that I may be the advertising man’s dream as no sooner had I watched a demo video, I had purchased a Project E Beauty’s High-Frequency device.

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Project E Beauty Wand

According to Project E Beauty, high-frequency beauty can, “aid with blood circulation, collagen and cell production to improve and reduce age spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, and acne”.

Hmmm, Looks Familiar…

I’ve been using the device for a week or so and I must say, there is something supremely satisfying in zapping one’s zits and sending them on their sebaceous way. There is a definite reduction in pimple size and I have not had the dubious pleasure of welcoming any new eruptions to the party. It’s far too early to attribute any positive results to the device but I will continue with the treatment and report back. Watch this space… Bisous


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