The Grande Dame – Ines De La Fressange

In my humble opinion, with a face such as this, Ines De La Fressange could not be anything other than French. I have promised to write a piece about Ines as I have long been in awe of her incredible elegance and enigmatic beauty. At a time when Chanel suits were largely worn by the grand old dames and matriarchs of Paris, Ines suggested wearing the iconic Chanel jacket with jeans and sneakers … water off a duck’s back now but somewhat controversial at the time. In essence, Ines is in part responsible for the transformation of Chanel into an ageless brand, paving the way for the Vanessa Paradis’ and Keira Knightleys.

In the ’80s Ines essentially became Chanel, (much to the consternation of Monsieur Lagerfeld!), and thus brand and muse parted ways! Cut to 2011, and the creation of Ines’ own brand, brand ambassador for Roger Vivier and privilège de privilège awarded the Grande Médaille Vermeil de la Ville de Paris, from the Mayor of Paris, there is no denying Ines’ contribution to French culture. Pas mal!

Et pour moi…in times of wardrobe dilemma I often refer to my now trusty guide; “Parisian Chic” by Ines. Often I ask myself the question… “what would Ines do?”. I feel this simple question and answer system has stood me in good fashion stead over the years…


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