Bare Faced Cheek!

Anyone who knows me is well aware that in recent months I have made a point of having my drivers license to hand at all times. Pourquoi je vous entends demander? Well, on the daily rare occasion when I might like to purchase a bottle of wine of an evening, I found myself to be declined service due to my “youthful” appearance. Fantastic you say, inconvenient I say! “You should be flattered” the shop assistant would tell me whilst denying me my Friday evening beverage…cheek! Of course, my mother was “afflicted” with the same regressive ageing (also known as Benjamin Button syndrome) , having once been asked to leave a public house, (her very first visit I might add!) in her 40’s…tragique, je sais.
It is my belief that aside from good genes, my adolescent appearance might be attributed to the use of a organic skincare which incorporates only the finest aromatherapy essential oils and carrier oils. I have been using Nude Skincare since it launched in 2007. Nude specialise in probiotics in anti-ageing skin care, namely – repair cellular damage and stimulate cellular renewal. In recent years I have become somewhat obsessive when it comes to using only organic and bio-dynamic skincare. Once you start using organic products it is very difficult to go back to using chemically charged products.

Nude’s Replenishing Night Oil is a firm favourite of mine. Applied before bed, you will be certain to awake with supple satin shine skin. The Night Oil was awarded the highest score ever by Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible! I have very limited loyalty shall we say when it comes to my beauty regime / skincare. Aside from a few chosen staple items I am very much like a magpie – something new and shiny will always attract me away from firm favourites. However, I have remained loyal to Nude products, so they must be good!


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Vous êtes si drôle! J’ai aussi des amis fille qui ne semblent jamais à l’âge de … souhaite que j’aie eu ce problème! x

What did I do before V for Veronique came along?…. Her astute eye for yummy accessories leaves me wanting more. V knows what the average girl in the street craves…beautiful one off pieces. More… more… more….

I’d love Benjamin Button syndrome! LOL. I have a bunch of Nude samples that were sent but have yet to try them – your post makes me want to go break them out right away!

Hi Katherine, Yes…do break out the Nude (so to speak!). Once you try it you won’t go back! X

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