Make Up…Make Down!

YSL, Touche Eclat, Lipocils, Bobbi Brown, Carmex, Crest, Stilla, Joan Smalls

As you can see from the somewhat ramshackled wasteland that is my make-up bag, the New Year has done little to improve my ‘cosmetic know-how’. Sadly, my make-up bag is generally a place where cosmetics come to die. I know there are certain “must-have” items which I have taken the time to procure. These items include, YSL Touche Eclat, Lipocils Lash Extender, Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Mascara, Carmex Lip balm, Crest Whites Strips, Stilla Colour Push-Ups to name but a few. The trouble is, with the exception of the lip balm, I have a very limited idea as to how to use said products! In short, these breakthrough cosmetics are totally lost on me. Model Joan Smalls (below) is sporting my ideal “natural” make-up look…OK so Joan is also sporting my ideal head/face come to think of it… The question is, how does one achieve such a flawless finish? Watch this space…

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