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Creed Himalaya

I have often wondered about the concept of the unisex scent. Way back in the day I fell madly in love with Calvin Klein’s CK one largely owing to it’s unique, clean fragrance. I would often receive compliments from complete strangers and my mother would often say she could always tell where I had been in the house as it left a subtle yet distinct aroma in the air. More recently Vertiver by Guerlain has become a firm favourite. OK so strictly speaking this is not officially a unisex scent however it is worn by so many women we can’t all be wrong non?! My current discovery is Creed’s Himalaya. This is a crisp fragrance with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin. I adore how the fragrance subtly shift notes throughout the day to reveal the base-notes of ambergris, musk, tonka bean. Another great way to wear a masculine fragrance is to mix it with a suitable feminine scent thereby creating your very own “signature scent. What do think about the idea of a unisex scent? Does the concept work and if so do you have a favourite? x

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