Mostly Lovin’: Le Labo Santal 33

An Olfactory Dream

I was recently given a bottle of Le Labo’s renowned fragrance Santal 33. Inspired by the American West and the dream of “big sky country”, this is not a fragrance for the olfactory wallflower. With woody, spicy and leather accords, this long-wearing unisex scent transposes throughout the day to reveal base notes of cedarwood, amber and musk making for an extremely sensual sensory experience.

Those seeking a similar yet lighter santal fragrance might try Miller Harris Peau Santal which is equally beguiling yet softer overall.

Bonne année! Bisous.

Mostly Lovin’: Agua de Colonia by Alvarez Gómez,

Agua de Colonia

I have long been a fan of eau de cologne. When I was a mere babe in arms, my mother would dab a hint of eau de cologne on me after a bath. It was a ritual I both loved and looked forward to.
Perhaps this is where my love of unisex scents originates from? Who can say? The older more mature I get, the more I tend to look towards the less overtly gender defined scents. For the last couple of years I have been wearing Acqua-di-Parma Colonia which is a warm and spicy multi-faceted scent.

Recently, I stumbled upon an everyday alternative to suit all budgets, Agua de Colonia Concentrada by Spanish company Alvarez Gómez is a subtle mix of Mediterranean flowers and plants such as Spanish lemon and Geranium , Eucalyptus and lavender and with a price tag of just fifteen euros it’s a steal. Go get yours! x

Mostly Lovin’: Diptyque Do Son

Je Sens Bien!

I am so in love with Diptyque’s Do Son fragrance I could merrily douse myself in it from day to night but I suspect that may be a touch excessive non? A wonderfully fresh unisex scent of Tuberose, Orange Leaves, Pink Peppercorns and Musk, this beautiful, gentle scent transports one to it’s name sake – the beautiful little Vietnamese seaside resort of Do Son. Simply lovely! x

Unisex Scents…Discuss

Creed Himalaya

I have often wondered about the concept of the unisex scent. Way back in the day I fell madly in love with Calvin Klein’s CK one largely owing to it’s unique, clean fragrance. I would often receive compliments from complete strangers and my mother would often say she could always tell where I had been in the house as it left a subtle yet distinct aroma in the air. More recently Vertiver by Guerlain has become a firm favourite. OK so strictly speaking this is not officially a unisex scent however it is worn by so many women we can’t all be wrong non?! My current discovery is Creed’s Himalaya. This is a crisp fragrance with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin. I adore how the fragrance subtly shift notes throughout the day to reveal the base-notes of ambergris, musk, tonka bean. Another great way to wear a masculine fragrance is to mix it with a suitable feminine scent thereby creating your very own “signature scent. What do think about the idea of a unisex scent? Does the concept work and if so do you have a favourite? x

Mandragore by Annick Goutal…A Truly Unique Scent, Space NK

Mandragore by Annick Goutal…is a wonderfully unique scent. As I may have mentioned, the further we slip into Autumn’s realm the more I gravitate towards a more captivating aroma as opposed to the overtly feminine scents. Encompassing some of my favorite olfactory partners of citrus, bergamot, black pepper, star anis, ginger, and iris, Mandragore is a unisex winter winner! x