I am having a problem. Granted, it’s not a problem problem but a problem nevertheless. Here’s the thing. I have always taken issue with red nail polish. Love it on others but have always feared entering s***ville when applied to myself. You see I believe there’s a very fine line between the trademark ladylike appendages of say Olivia Palermo (see pic), and taking a wrong turn into you know where. I am giving myself a much needed manicure in preparation for my trip to Canada and need to select the perfect shade of red which will see me heading into the right queue at immigration control! Let me know your thoughts on my selection of finalists.


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YES!… indeed, a problem. I have the very same one. Red nail varnish is for others and not me. In fact, I have a bigger problem right now which is that I don’t have time to paint my toe nails (or have them painted) and it’s still sandal wearing weather (ish). I’m actually wearing sandals and my toes are naked. I feel sad about this. Anyway I did find a couple of reds that I like. For me the secret is no sparkle or very dark with a sparkle. OPI “pretty at the premier” and OPI “yes I can-can”. Although, they’re not exactly red. More like plum or burgundy, in which case I’ve entirely wasted space talking about it. Nice close-to-red colours though, for others who might be afflicted with this problem.

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