Beasts of Burden!

It would seem that a recent development in my nature is a tendency not to think about something until it becomes entirely and unavoidably necessary. For example, a current case in point – whilst deciding whether to devour a pink or white marshmallow I have suddenly realised that if today is in fact September 12th, (and my sources tell me that it is indeed!) well then I have exactly 5 days to prepare for a trip to Canada! To some of the more seasoned travellers amongst you I’m sure that may seem like an adequate amount of time. However, for those of us destined to delay packing until the boarding gate is in sight it is something of a pickle…
Don’t get me wrong, I can pack with the best off them, (having once packed for a surprise trip to New York in exactly 10 minutes, more on that later), but that was largely because the taxi was outside the door with the engine running! This situation may be a little like living next door to your school – you always over compensate, rocking up late to class every day!

I will be traveling for ten days beginning my trip in Vancouver. In terms of my wardrobe, I have been told to allow for “sudden changes in weather”. My sources inform me that this will require a canny amount of layering and a possible need for “genuine hiking boots”. I should reaffirm that I am the kind of girl who likes to pack light. Having gone through a period of packing things and never wearing them I now tend to over edit my suitcase. The idea that I am required to pack my actual hiking boots is something of a concern a they must weigh the best part of stone all by their little selves! (See pic – you can’t miss them!). So in short people I need advice. Which items will I most definitely require on my little jaunt?

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