Summer Skin Rescue

Anyone unfortunate enough to have combination skin will be oh so familiar with the somewhat psychitzophrenic nature of their skin. It is a constant battle to balance oil production whilst attempting to quench arid patches…that is until ¬†Sophyto came along! Comme vous le savez, V aime ses huiles de nuit which is why I am currently slavering on Sophyto’s “Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate”. This super light antioxidants rich, tocopherol packed serum produces super soft skin, bestowing an almost incandescent glaze to le visage . I really relate to the Sophyto mantra “inspired by nature, backed by science” because as you know I love my organic skincare but one can sometimes struggle to find organic products that really pack a punch. Sophyto promises to do just that, with serious anti-ageing compounds, PH balancing moisture content and highly concentrated levels of botanical ingredients, this is one skincare line I am absolutely lovin’! Bisous.


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