Exclusion Zone…

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There is nothing worse (of course there is!) than feeling completely excluded from a particular fashion. It is one thing if you simply reject a trend on aesthetic grounds, but to find oneself excluded on the grounds of say body shape (or lack of for that matter), is an entirely different bag of tricks. Consider if you will the current obsession with leather trousers with a 7/8ths cut (that’s ankle length to you and I). There are some fantastic shades flooding the stores this season and to be quite frank… I want in! For some bizarre reason I find I am inexplicably drawn towards the slim fit red leather variety. This is of course highly ridiculous. Not only do I never wear anything red (see previous post; “Tartini“), but I definitely have never been a member of the tight leather camp either. I suspect that with this particular trend there is no happy medium, it’s all or nothing…

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