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Cameo Role

Amedeo Cameos, Matches Fashion

Personally, I have always harboured a bit of a soft spot for a Cameo. I admit, one has to tread carefully in this arena to avoid over-stepping vintage chic and mis-stepping into “old lady, Mrs Brady” territory but designers such as New York brand Amedeo NYC and Laura Lee Jewellery have some wonderful examples. What do you think, can the Cameo be cool? Let me know. x

Ruby Kobo I’m Loving…Yo!

ruby kobo. matches fashion, boutique 1

Ruby Kobo’s pieces are without a doubt right up my street (so to speak). The collaborative “offspring” of designers Yuvi Alpert and Danna Kobo, this is fine jewellery but with a decidedly relaxed feel and a dash of ancient mysticism thrown in for good measure. Think naturally shed antler tipped diamond necklaces or Tibetan masks (a little scary if I’m honest). There is something wonderfully refreshing and innovative about these pieces. For example, one could throw on three of the pieces with a combined value of just over five thousand pounds but the average Joe would simply see wonderfully stylish pieces and would probably ask you where you bought it as opposed to “your money or your life”!

ruby kobo

ruby kobo

Redécouvert…Laura Lee Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

laura lee

This navel grazing necklace from Laura Lee Jewellery is far too elegant for one as clumsy as me… I once had a “nobody move moment” whilst at a bar in Greenwich Village when I inadvertently broke the chain whilst attempting to swat a overly curious wasp. Laura Lee were lovely enough to repair the necklace free of charge. I now only wear it when I can be certain of minimal hand movement (such as the theatre), and there is a minimal risk of running into our adventurous buzzing friends… X

laura lee, vintage jewellery

London Fashion Week 2012 Kicks Off, Hold On Tight!

new york fashion week, London Fashion Week 2012

Some of my favourite labels will be coming to town this week to showcase their amazing designs such as: Stella McCartney, McQ and Moschino Cheap & Chic, Jonathan Saunders, Erdem, Roksanda Ilincic, Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou and Burberry Prorsum to name but a few. With a total of 59 catwalk shows and 120 International Designers, I for one am very excited to welcome all the sights, sounds and stylish individuals that will no doubt roll into town.

London Fashion Week LFW 2012

A really exciting addtion to proceedings this year is a new fine jewellery initiative launching this season, ‘BFC Rock Vault‘, which will showcase 10 selected jewellers and their A/W12 collections. Did I mention I for one am très, très excité! Watch this space…x

Santa Baby…

For as long as I can remember I have had something of a love affair with the watch, (more on that later). To me, a watch is a functional piece of jewellery and if you are lucky enough, a vintage functional piece! Here we have the 1971 Omega 9ct Gold Seamaster (yes…this is James Bond’s watch!), and the 1964 Rolex Air King Oyster 5500. Coming in at just under three thousand pounds, I cannot help but think that to purchase one of these watches would be to invest in one’s self and ultimately one’s future….don’t you agree, and what better time to invest in oneself than at Christmas?! X

Bonbons Pour le Bonbon! Sweets for the Sweet!

Apparently Carolina Bucci grew up surrounded by jewellery and jewelers and it certainly shows. I first discovered these exquisitely delicate friendship bracelets of woven gold and silk threads a few years ago and promised myself I would own one. I have had a bit of ‘a thing’ for friendship bracelets since childhood. They were quite rare back in the day and there was an immeasurable satisfaction in acquiring a band no else had. They were and still are, to me, like little pieces of treasure. What I particularly love about Carolina’s pieces is their timeless nature and how they go beyond fleeting trends to create a piece which feels incredibly personal to the wearer.

There are three words which jewellery designer Loree Rodkin would use to describe her work; modern, medieval, and non-conformist. These three words would probably have seen her drowned as a witch a few years back! (But hey I digress). Loree’s pieces require very little introduction, their style is so strong and distinct you can tell a Rokin at twenty paces!

Magic Beans Wish List

I have had something of an epiphany when it comes to wearing hats. I used to believe hats were a bit of an irrelevance when it comes to assembling ones staple wardrobe and that only those seeking attention would indulge. Cut to summer 2009 and suddenly I can’t get enough of hats! I like to feel anonymous and invisible on the street. The contradiction with hats is that even though they have the uncanny ability to draw the gaze, with a little tilt of the brim the wearer is oblivious to all attention. I currently have my eye on Eugenia Kim‘s rabbit-felt fedora for autumn. I can just see myself nursing a a coffee to go, a cosy wrap cardi and this hat on a windy October day. Alas, at £330 a pop my eye may the closest I get to it!

Maison Martin Margiela Mud Splash ankle boots. I don’t like my shoes to look too pristine so these are perfect to wear with charcoal skinnies from day one! La gratification instantanée, génial!

Acne cropped trouser…because no wish list is complete without my beloved Acne.

Oh Helmut…how I adore thee!

Markus Lupfer knit, high impact, low effort.

No wish list would be complete without a statement piece of jewellery and what a statement this piece by Arik Kastan makes!

Has anyone else noticed the increasingly fantastic selection of Ipad cases knocking about? (Non, well look into it pronto). This H By Harris case in a brooding wine coloured leather will work just fine as a clutch until I can afford the Ipad (But that’s another Magic Bean list!).


I decided to write a blog way back in 2008. As we are now making our way towards the hind quarters of 2011 (so to speak) it is probably clear that I am not the type of girl to be hurried! To be clear, I love fashion… but from a distance! I guess I am almost like a visual fashion collector. I have an eye for beautifully crafted  trinkets  – be it jewellery, shoes, hats or furniture. I love looking at stylish people as they skulk by in the street, secretly wishing that some of their personal swagger may rub off on me by some form of visual osmosis. But, until then, this blog is a means of sharing all of  those striking things which simply have to be shared!