Bonbons Pour le Bonbon! Sweets for the Sweet!

Apparently Carolina Bucci grew up surrounded by jewellery and jewelers and it certainly shows. I first discovered these exquisitely delicate friendship bracelets of woven gold and silk threads a few years ago and promised myself I would own one. I have had a bit of ‘a thing’ for friendship bracelets since childhood. They were quite rare back in the day and there was an immeasurable satisfaction in acquiring a band no else had. They were and still are, to me, like little pieces of treasure. What I particularly love about Carolina’s pieces is their timeless nature and how they go beyond fleeting trends to create a piece which feels incredibly personal to the wearer.

There are three words which jewellery designer Loree Rodkin would use to describe her work; modern, medieval, and non-conformist. These three words would probably have seen her drowned as a witch a few years back! (But hey I digress). Loree’s pieces require very little introduction, their style is so strong and distinct you can tell a Rokin at twenty paces!


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Hello Darling, good question! I’m sure you could make a piece masculine with a little know how… x

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