Magic Beans Wish List

I have had something of an epiphany when it comes to wearing hats. I used to believe hats were a bit of an irrelevance when it comes to assembling ones staple wardrobe and that only those seeking attention would indulge. Cut to summer 2009 and suddenly I can’t get enough of hats! I like to feel anonymous and invisible on the street. The contradiction with hats is that even though they have the uncanny ability to draw the gaze, with a little tilt of the brim the wearer is oblivious to all attention. I currently have my eye on Eugenia Kim‘s rabbit-felt fedora for autumn. I can just see myself nursing a a coffee to go, a cosy wrap cardi and this hat on a windy October day. Alas, at £330 a pop my eye may the closest I get to it!

Maison Martin Margiela Mud Splash ankle boots. I don’t like my shoes to look too pristine so these are perfect to wear with charcoal skinnies from day one! La gratification instantanée, génial!

Acne cropped trouser…because no wish list is complete without my beloved Acne.

Oh Helmut…how I adore thee!

Markus Lupfer knit, high impact, low effort.

No wish list would be complete without a statement piece of jewellery and what a statement this piece by Arik Kastan makes!

Has anyone else noticed the increasingly fantastic selection of Ipad cases knocking about? (Non, well look into it pronto). This H By Harris case in a brooding wine coloured leather will work just fine as a clutch until I can afford the Ipad (But that’s another Magic Bean list!).


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