Mostly Lovin’: The Old House Espadrilles
Free Bag, Happy Days!

So I just received my long awaited pair of traditonally fashioned espadrilles from The Old House boutique and I can tell you I have received more than my fair share of admiring glances aimed at my “plates of meat” (that’s feet to you).

It is difficult to convey just how enamored I am with my recent purchase. Try to imagine if you will a pair a shoes both stylish yet comfortable that instantly make you smile whenever you catch site of them. They arrived complete with a cotton bag perfect for cramming with beach wear and the like, how very thoughtful of them!
Wakey Wakey!


I love the ethos of this company namely that “At The Old House we believe our childhood is the cradle of our inspiration and creativity”, here here say I! I have read that they may cease trading soon which would be an incredible shame. So rarely do I come across a company with an ethical backbone let alone a wonderfully different and well crafted product. It would be such a shame to see them go, please do what you can and stock up lest they disappear all too soon!


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