Mostly Lovin’: Rachel Khoo’s Cauliflower Butter Bean Burger

Rachel Khoo
Don’t Skimp on the Cheese!

Now you know I adore my vegetables particularly when partnered with cheese! I have “borrowed” this lovely Cauliflower and Butter Bean burger recipe from the delightful Chef Rachel Khoo. What I love about Rachel’s cooking is that she factors in a lot of interesting flavourful vegetarian dishes even though she herself is not a vegetarian. The method couldn’t be simpler – mash a tin of butter beans and add to some steamed cauliflower, half a teaspoon of French mustard, grated Swiss Gruyère or Old Amsterdam Cheese (I will leave the amount of cheese to your discretion). Mould into patties and fry in rapeseed oil until golden. One thing to note – make sure you have the ratio of cauliflower to beans right to ensure your burger is firm rather than a watery mass… jouir! x


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I’ve tried this recipe and I loved it! You’re right about the cauliflower to bean ratio…

So what is the cauliflower to bean ratio? Portions? Smallest can of beans to how much steamed cauliflower?

Do you have the actual recipe for this patty? I saw her make it the other day on her tv show but am not having any luck finding the actual recipe. I remember the gist of what she put in it: butter beans, cauliflower, breadcrumbs, seasoning, cheese, but would be great to have the actual recipe. Thanks in advance if you can find it and post it.

Hi Megan, I’m afraid it’s the type of recipe you need to “eyeball”. As long as you can form a patty which stands up to fry and doesn’t fall apart you’re good to go. 🙂

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