Mostly Lovin’: I Quit Sugar by Sara Wilson

Mostly Lovin': I Quit Sugar by Sara Wilson!
I Quit Sugar & Jelly Tots!

It has taken me quite some time to get round to reviewing this particular book. Not through any gaping lack of spare time but rather it was more a question of tactical delay. I don’t have a distinctly sweet-tooth, I’m generally more prone to devouring salty treats in mere moments! However, every now and then, a girl needs some sugar and I was hoping this book would help me tackle those moments.

One of the characteristics which originally drew me to this book was that it was an actual 8 week program – a sugar detox as it were. Wilson fully expects that you may fall off the wagon but this is expected and is not the end of the world, you simply continue on with the best of intentions. What I found especially helpful was the “getting prepared” section which details how to stock-up your larder to avoid sugary mishaps. Having read the book from cover-to-cover I am now more attuned as to how to read food labels. If I want to have some sugar I will but I don’t like having sugary substances covertly piped into condiments and the like simply because the manufacturer believes the public can’t cope without a particular level of fructose.

I found some of the savoury recipes a little stade but in that respect Wilson in no way suggests she has any culinary expertise, the book is simply an insight into her positive experience of quitting sugar and how she went about it. So, if quitting or simply cutting back on the white stuff is something you want to do, this is definitely a great place to start!

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