Mostly Lovin’: The Leica x-edition with Moncler

The Leica X Edition,
The Leica X Edition

It would seem the fascination with vintage inspired cameras continues marching onward. Sadly, they do not seem to inspire vintage prices! I have long been overdue for a new camera and I believe I’ve found just thing.
French photographer extraordinaire Robert Doisneau famously only used a Leica and if it was good enough for him…

Enter the Leica X ‘Edition Moncler’ a collaboration with French sports and clothing brand Moncler. This camera is truly a thing of beauty and with the necessary spec’ to back it up. But at just under two thousand pounds it doesn’t come cheap. Alors, V will be counting her pennies until she can snap this beauty up (see what I did there?!). Bisous à tous.

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