All Aboard the Alpaca Train!

Vintage Ralph Lauren Cardigan

Today I am very very pleased with myself. The other evening whilst obsessively happily trawling Ebay I stumbled across a fantastic find! A vintage Ralph Lauren Alpaca cardigan. Résultat!

As you know, I have something of a soft spot for the trusty cardi’ I have been single mindedly searching for an Native American / fair isle inspired chunky knit for some time. Something that could strike a perfect balance of snug sophistication yet does not appear to have been wrestled from some unsuspecting individual on a lonesome prairie. Eh bien … mission accomplie! Many designers have submitted similar offerings this season, most notably; Isabel Marant (see below pics), and where Marant goes the high-street is sure to follow. It just goes to show, when something truly stylish it never really goes out of fashion…


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