Manuka Doctor Skincare

Recently there has been something of a buzz (I’m sorry I had to do that!) surrounding Manuka Doctor skincare not least because it is supposedly favoured by the Duchess of Cambridge no less. Manuka products are based upon the principles of Apitherapy – namely, the consumption and/or use of bee-products. (So now you get my little humours non?).

“Inspired by nature, Manuka Doctor sources New Zealand grown & harvested Manuka honey, other bee products which are well known for their traditional wellbeing benefits and other synergistic active ingredients”. So far so peachy!

I am curently using a couple of products from the “apiclear” range which aims to bring balance to troubled skin. The Skin Ease & Repair Gel and the Foaming Cleanser. I will let you know how we get along. Bisous.


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