Bioderma: The Best Cleanser?

The One & Only...

I love this cleanser. Seriously, we have been having “a thing” since 2007 when I endured a summer so hot in the South of France that the only ointment I could apply to my face to both calm and cleanse at night was yes (you’ve guessed it), Bioderma Cleansing Wipes. The astute amongst you will have noticed that I have in fact pictured the liquid cleanser as opposed to wipes. Well, until some kind soul in the beauty industry begins importing the wipes from France this is as good as it gets. This cleanser is regularly found backstage at fashion shows whilst being cradled by exhausted rash prone models. Even if you are not a fan of the mind numbing necessary routine of cleansing, give this a try at least once a week and promise you’ll be as happy as a model in a Marlboro factory. x

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