Snakes On My Radar!

I have realised that I may have developed something of une dépendance peu, but I would imagine that like all addictions, you don’t really see them coming? I have quite the collection of snake embellished jewellery and a very distinct hankering for further pieces. Brother and sister designer duo Zoe & Morgan seem to be catering quite well to my on-going fixation. See the rather gorgeous eternity bangle which I have had my eye on for nigh on a year but cannot decide between silver or gold…who said the life of a Blogger was easy? X



  1. Gorg rings, wnat that gold one today!

  2. Ineka Josin says

    Some good jewellery, where would you buy the Makri ring?

  3. The Ouroboros, representing “the circular nature of the alchemist’s opus.” I wonder if the jeweler realizes the forces being unleashed..? 😉

  4. Too freakin right!! 🙂

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