Forever Christmas


This weekend I meandered into Town to pick up a Christmas tree (yes a week late I know). I cannot abide fake trees but fresh trees always present a dilemma. I have never really liked the over-charged mentality of buying a tree for Christmas and binning it come January. It has always seemed like an awful waste to me especially since my usual Norwegian Spruce tends to last an age and is normally in perfectly good nick when given the old heave-ho. Enter the “potted mini-tree”.

Check Back in Ten Years or So...
Check Back in Ten Years or So I Promise…

OK, so it may not look like much this year but come December 2015 I will have a beautiful mid-sized tree. In seven to ten years my mini Spruce will have reached ten foot and will continue to provide festive cheer for years to come. or at least until you kill it by frequent over watering! Now what could be more in keeping with the Christmas spirit than the gift of life?! x


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