Mostly Lovin’: Babour Re-Waxing Service

Before, patchy & Pitiful

It is difficult to convey just how impatient I can be when it comes to undertaking painstaking and meticulous tasks. A few months ago I decided to bring myself to the edge of insanity challenge myself by attempting to re-wax my beloved Liberty London print Babour Beadnell Jacket…two words in short…bad idea!

Two nights of furious attempts to re-wax had left my Beadnell looking as though I had been rolling around in a puddle of crude oil. Having borne witness to the slicken mess I was feverishly creating, a friend of mine suggested I try the re-waxing and repairs service at Barbour. So far so likey I thought. Fill out the on-line form, send your payment and ship your jacket off for the waxed jacket equivalent off the Betty Ford Clinic.

Alexa Chung Rocking the Beadnell


Born Again!


After four weeks or so my jacket returned by courier and boy did my original jacket return! Gone is the sickly pallid tones of pre-waxing, my jacket has been returned to it’s original slick moody moss-green tones. It looks quite simply brand-spanking new. This was definitely thirty pounds well spent. My jacket will now last many more years and you do end up with a garment which is as good-as-new. In short…I would highly recommend this service. So move away from the tin of wax and get posting!


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