Ceralip: A Snow Staple


I know there is something of an international fan club when it comes to Ceralip and I’m afraid I may be about to join it. I discovered Ceralip on a trip to France. I like to stock up on essentials such bio and organic products (something the French do so well and for half the inflated price!). As you know, I love my lip balm, however, there comes a point when you have to bring in the big guns. Ceralip is the equivalent of body oil for lips in that it smoothes and nourishes but at a deeper level. Applied before lip balm, it is a snow staple and also helps to combat the drying effects of central heating. Bons baisers de lèvres très douces!

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I love this stuff! It’s right up there with Eight Hour Cream as a fail safe dry skin/lip treatment.

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