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Net a Porter, Matches Fashion

These shoes by Charlottle Olympia were not made to be worn but merely admired…À mon avis je dis.

Ceahp Diamonds, Alexander Fuchs

I for one am super intrigued by the concept of “skin diamonds” as designed by Alexander Fuchs. For those of us who may struggle with the frequently ostentatious and somewhat ceremonial nature with regards to the presentation of diamonds, Fuchs designs are innovative and really quite other-worldly. Fuchs’ philosophy is to “enhance diamonds by a total disappearance of the frame: that is to say, a diamond and nothing else”. To be honest, what more could a girl need?

Kabiri, Net a Porter

J’adore these brightly coloured beauties by Tai. The only problem is which ones to pick… Qu’est-ce une vie difficile que je mène.

Kabiri, Net a porter, Matches Fashion, Links of London

Fill with your own thoughts and rêveries, so Margiela…so me!

net a porter

Little else to say except… I have an approaching birthday…Ahem!

I both love and look forward to “big coat season”! Rouler sur l’automne.

Net a Porter

I love the simple bright timeless appeal of this Mulberry case…even if I don’t own an iPhone.


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