Mostly Missing: Minerve


Relais Chantovent[caption id=

Minerve perched high above the Rivers La Cesse and Le Briant is a gem of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. With few vehicles and pedestrian streets it is a place I could happily return to year after year.



A lazy lunch at the spectacular Relais Chantovent is a must. Being in receipt of the new L’assiette du Michelin or Michelin Plate – a smaller accolade than the notorious Michelin Star but no less respected, the food is simply real french cuisine at its best.

The Relais Chantovent



  1. BETTY AUTIER says

    SI BEAU! Ceci est un de mes endroits FAVORIS POUR ALLER A REPOS ET RELAX

  2. Emma Foster says

    A beautiful place and a restaurant we will visit soon seeing those photos of the food!!!

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